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IEEE Signal Processing Society Publications Board

Board Members

Marc Moonen

KU Leuven
Leuven, Belgium
Term Ends: 31 December 2023

Ana Isabel Pérez-Neira
Conferences Board Rep. / Vice President-Conferences (non-voting)

Centre Tecnològic Telecomunicacions Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain
Term Ends: 31 December 2023

Bjorn Ottersten
Technical Directions Board Rep.

University of Luxembourg
Term Ends: 31 December 2024

Xiao-Ping (Steven) Zhang
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing

Ryerson University
Toronto, Canada
Term Ends: 31 December 2024

Brendt Wohlberg
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Santa Fe, NM, USA
Term Ends: 31 December 2024

Z. Jane Wang
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Signal Processing Letters

The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada
Term Ends: 31 December 2022

Christian Jutten
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine

University of Grenobles-Alpes
Saint-Martin-d'Hères, France
Term Ends: 31 December 2023

Paris Smaragdis
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE/ACM Trans. on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing

University of Illinois
Urbana, IL, USA
Term Ends: 31 December 2024

Müjdat Çetin
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging

University of Rochester
Rochester, NY, USA
Term Ends: 31 December 2024

Alessandro Foi
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

Tampere University
Tampere, Finland
Term Ends: 31 December 2023

Mauro Conti
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security

University of Padua
Padua, Italy
Term Ends: 31 December 2024

Wing-Kin (Ken) Ma
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Term Ends: 31 December 2023

Pascal Frossard
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Trans. on Signal and Information Processing over Networks

School of Engineering, EPFL
Lausanne, Switzerland
Term Ends: 31 December 2024

Min Wu

University of Maryland
College Park, MD, USA
Term Ends: 31 December 2023

Shrikanth (Shri) S. Narayanan
Vice President-Education (non-voting)

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Term Ends: 31 December 2022

K. V. S. Hari
Vice President-Membership (non-voting)

Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore, India
Term Ends: 31 December 2022

Alle-Jan van der Veen
Vice President-Technical Directions (non-voting)

Delft University of Technology
Delft, The Netherlands
Term Ends: 31 December 2024

Rich Baseil
Executive Director (non-voting)

IEEE Signal Processing Society
Piscataway, NJ, USA

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